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Sales, service, repairs to Motors, Pumps & Generators

electric motor specialists

When you need industrial equipment repair and maintenance, call the experienced professionals at motorbalance. With 24/7 service and support, we deliver lower industrial maintenance costs with higher equipment reliability, productivity and uptime. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction through solution-oriented service and products. Our principles, ensures that same commitment is applied to everything we do in all of your facilities.

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motorbalance - Charbatsis Bros is a family owned and operated electric motor repair facility that prides itself on our business ethics, technical knowledge and customer satisfaction. We have been practicing the craft of motor rewinding since 1979, much of this with long serving loyal staff whose expertise and ingenuity is our strength. We rewind, overhaul and test all makes and models of AC & DC Motors, Generators, Pumps with handling facilities up to 10 Ton. With an established history and track record in the industrial component repair market & maritime industry, we built and grew our company in an environment where safety, reliability and tight schedules are part of our everyday life. The company is ISO9001:2015 certified.

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Fields of business


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Maintenance at the core of Industrial performance


Rewinds & Overhaul

Here at motorbalance, the rewinding or overhaul of motors, in accordance with our quality management system, includes the following services among others:

- Complete disassembly of the motor - Check of all electrical and mechanical components - High pressure cleaning - Drying in air circulated furnace - Re-impregnation of winding (if required) - Re-winding of stator and rotor (if required) - Check of winding insulation - Balancing check and balancing of rotor – Re turning of slip rings/collector - Renewal of carbon brushes - Check of all clearances - Check and cleaning of motor connection terminals - Complete overhaul of bearings, bearing calculation, and dimensioning - Assembly - Motor test - Creation of test report - Painting as required


Engineering & Machining

We offer a high class machining service to all industries and have a wide range of engineering capabilities.

Our commitment to quality and fast turnaround times ensures customer satisfaction.

Whether repairing or remanufacturing, we can look after all your machining requirements:

- Resleeving end bells and housings - Building up shafts and bearing journals to specification

- Broaching Keyways - Threading - Welding: Arc, Mig, Tig and Spray - Boring and slotting of keyways in couplings

- Shaft replacement and modification - Commutator repairs - Dynamic Balancing


Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Equipment failure can affect you in a number of unfortunate ways, including costly downtime and higher labour, repair and replacement costs. You can avoid these major problems by participating in our total support plan, that allows you to outsource all on-going predictive and preventative maintenance and support services at a fixed and affordable price.

- Dynamic Balancing - Infrared Thermography - Laser Alignment

- Vibration Analysis - Winding Analysis - Ultra Sound Detection


Service Partnership Agreement

A competent and dependable partner accompanies you through the complete lifecycle of your machinery and plants. We can carry out routine on-site services and also provide planned preventative maintenance schedules designed to suit customer requirements. Our objectives are your benefits:

- Tailored service packages for comprehensive reliability and calculable cost

- The maximum availability of your machinery, increases your productivity

- Defined procedures in case of a malfunction to obtain minimum downtimes

- Optimization of the machine availability due to planned downtimes



Extending the service life of AC / DC motors, generators and mechanical power transmission components is key to what we do. However, there are times when it’s more economical to replace a unit than repair or rebuild it.

We sell a wide variety of electric motors, drives, controls and accessories.

- AC Motors - DC Motors - Pumps - Generators - Variable Frequency Drives - Spindle and Servo Motors

- Variable Speed Commutator Motors - Air Moving Products - Power Transmission Products - Motors Accessories

Our experts can provide the right replacement unit for your requirements fast. Request a Quote today!

We are registered to the latest quality ISO-9001:2015 standards
Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: On Call

Emergency service 24/7

contact us

6 Kasimi Street, Tavros 177 78, Greece

T +30 210 3462852

F +30 210 3462225

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