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Marine motor and generator maintenance and repair

motorbalance - Charbatsis Bros has the capacity to service marine electric motor rewinding almost any size. We have extensive experience with ship motor and generator maintenance and repair. From the moment your machine enters our shop, it follows the same rigorous repair guidelines. We focus on your electric motors and generators, so you can focus on the bigger picture of keeping your ship and plant 100% reliable and online. There are no corners cut and no machine leaves our service facility until we are certain you will receive reliable operation for years to come.

Our Services

- AC/DC Motors, Generator rewind and repair - Pump repair and rebuild

- Motor repair work: Dismantling, Cleaning, Electrical measurements, Coil repair, Varnish impregnation, Bearing replacement, Machining, Testing 

- Core loss testing - Dynamic Balancing - Vibration analysis - Electrical testing - Ultra Sound Detection - Laser alignment - Machining: Repair existing shafts, Housings repair, etc. - Emergency outage support - Routine and contract maintenance - Supply of new electric motors

You can count on motorbalance to keep your business afloat through our extensive marine service offerings. We understand that when your vessel docks, you have a fixed time frame for repairs. Our repair and field services are designed to fit within planned downtimes, so we can remove, repair and replace motors while ships are docked.

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