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Wind Turbine
Generator Repair

Wind turbine technology has evolved rapidly over recent years. Harnessing wind power to generate electrical energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world.  Worldwide it is continuing to expand. Our company recognizes the importance of clean and more affordable energy. Alongside we are ready to meet this growing industry with a service center that can provide everything needed.  We have full capabilities to service wind generators of all sizes.  From routine cleanup to complete rewind, we perform every step with top quality craftsmanship to ensure you receive top performance from your generator.

Here in motorbalance we are proud to offer a number of in-shop wind turbine generator repair services, important to ensuring that your generators remain efficient and reliable. Mechanical and electrical repair services for wind turbine generators include:

- Generator up to 3+ MW rewinding: A cost-effective method for extending the life of your wind turbine generator - Electric Motors (Pitch and yaw, Cooling fans, Hydraulic pumps) repair

Full range of diagnostic repairs, including winding analysis, vibration analysis, laser alignment and dynamic balancingMechanical repair: Wind gearboxes, Wind turbine main shafts, Bearings & Slip rings replacement, Heat exchangers, Generator and gearbox housingsStator coil manufacturing

motorbalance is an ISO-certified, premium provider of services to the wind industry. We employ a permanent staff of technically trained and experienced technicians, which separates us from the pack in a rapidly growing business sector.  Our expertise and commitment always deliver reliability, responsiveness, rapid turnaround and innovative solutions. We help you optimize your energy consumption and match equipment performance with process needs.

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