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Industrial equipment repair

At motorbalance, we have a tremendous amount of experience in many different industries. When it comes to industrial applications, regardless of industry, we see a common thread. Down time means lost production, which also means lost money for your company. That is why we have a sales and service team committed to excellent customer service, providing technical support, and getting you back up and running in a timely fashion.

Industries Served

- Mining and Quarrying - Metal forming - Chemical - Food and Pharmaceutical - Oil and Gas - Paper & Plastic - Power generation - Wind Farms - Cement companies - Marine Shipping - Transportation and Aviation - Utilities

We have a diverse, experienced team who can provide complete repair for all aspects of your industrial equipment’s specialized functionalities and components. Our goal is always to identify the root issue and repair it thoroughly in order to keep your operations running smoothly and predictably. We perform repairs in our service centers and onsite at your facilities, including:

Our Services

- AC/DC Motors, Generator rewind and repair - Pump repair and rebuild

- Motor repair work: Dismantling, Cleaning, Electrical measurements, Coil repair, Varnish impregnation, Bearing replacement, Machining, Testing 

- Core loss testing - Dynamic Balancing - Vibration analysis - Electrical testing - Ultra Sound Detection - Laser alignment - Machining: Repair existing shafts, Housings repair, etc. - Emergency outage support - Routine and contract maintenance - Supply of new electric motors

Here at motorbalance, we understand that minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity and efficiency are paramount to our customers, thus our state-of-the-art repair center provides professional grade service on all electric motor brands on a 24/7/365 basis. Our reports and repair specifications are tailored to meet each of our customers’ specific needs and we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

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